TAIZEN AMERICA is a North American Office of TAIZEN CO., LTD., a manufacturer of pulping machines, headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan.
TAIZEN AMERICA has opened its test plant in Georgia, United States, to demonstrate superior performance of TAIZEN’s machines and technologies. Below is the outline of TAIZEN products including a NonWood Pulping System and a wide range of Paper Recycling machines.


nonwood pulp plant  E. Gimmick System
This patented technology has been tested on various nonwood fibers including rice straw, wheat straw, kenaf, bagasse, oil palm fiber, bamboo, pineapple fiber, etc. The Taizen system has been proven to work for pulping of all the nonwood fiber materials that have been tested.


hpnewtaizen♠  New Taizen Kneader
A new design of Soft Pressure Type Deinking Machine gives effective ink removal as well as other unwanted materials (e.g. wax, stickies, hotmelts)

hpverticalz♠  Taizen Vertical Separator Washer
This washing machine effectively performs dehydration,  kneading, rubbing fibers and replacing with fresh water, not allowing clogging and insufficient washing.

hparcon♠  Dissolving Machine Archon
A shredder system built in this machine, different from a conventional type, does not leave any printed words.

hpcilnderpress♠  Taizen Cylinder Press
This Double-Cylinder Type Dewatering Machine realizes higher concentration, stable quality and higher yield.